SOLD Leather Wallets

Wallets Get New Homes

All of these Metal Design hand made leather wallets are heading to their new homes.  I designed these heavy duty card wallets for myself.  I wanted something smaller than a typical wallet that look cool.  The color you see will lighten over time.  They are black, saddle brown, dark brown and light brown.  I used…

Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday 2018

Cyber Monday Starts Now! Start your Cyber Monday shopping now.  Get 15% Off in stock orders over $75 and free shipping in the United States.  I have a large selection of’s and Women’s jewelry.  Use coupon code: Cyber Monday

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale 2018

Stay warm and shop at home.  Save 15% on all in stock orders over $50 at Metal Design. Get that one of a kind item.  I usually only make 1-3 of any one item.  I have an assorment of men’s and women’s jewelry for sale. Enter the coupon code: Black Friday Sale

Brass Wrapped in Bubinga Wood Ring

New Wood Rings

I have two new brass with wood veneer wrapped rings.  The first is with maple burl and the other is with Bubinga.  If you would like a ring made to a specific size please contact me at this link. Wrapped veneer is much stronger than turned wood stock.  The wood veneer is wrapped around the…

Screw You Earrings

Screw You Earrings

I love these earrings.  They are simple and one of my favorites.  They are solid brass wood screws with a silver soldered jump ring.  All my earrings come with solid silver earwires.  The screw is a #6 wood screw that is 1/2″ long.  I am sending this pair to Kansas but I have two other…

Horseshoe Nail and Brass Wire Wrap Pendant

New Horseshoe Nail Pendant

New Horseshoe Nail Pendant with Brass Wire Wrap Hey, all you horse lovers out there.  I have a hand-formed Horseshoe Nail with Wrapped Brass Wire Pendant.  I heated the nail in my forge to get the black color on the nail.  The pendant has an industrial clear coat to protect it from oxidation.   I…

The New Metal Design Website

The New Metal Design Website

I decided to swich my website from Joomla to WordPress.  The Joolma theme had not had updates in years.  WordPress is constantly updated and has a ton more options.  I have been using Content Management Systems(CMS) for the last 10 years.   I used to write and design my site but buying a theme is…

Metal Design Shop Coming Soon

I have the basics of the new website done.  There is still a lot of SEO and final adjustments on my end.   I am working on a new Woo Commerce online shop that should be up soon.    I will make a post when it is up and running.   I do have some wallets available that…